What Should Have Been Zane Lowe’s Hottest Records of 2013

After having read and listened to Zane Lowe’s list of the hottest records of 2013, it actually isn’t that at all in anyway. In fact it is quite the opposite, and should really be called Zane Lowe’s lukewarm records of the year, neither cold nor warm but somewhere in between where no-one wants to be at any point, in fact they would rather be cold or warm than lukewarm.

So I decided that I would make a list of the actual hottest records of 2013, without the constraints of being an annoying BBC radio 1 presenter and having to big up the toss that big record labels seem to throw money at these days.

So here it is:

Drum Kit Lessons, Drum Tuning Lessons & Band Updates.

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Bit of a personal band update, working with 7 original projects at the moment, Derelicts, an electro pop 4 piece, Ed Prosek, 8 piece acoustic singer songwriter, SEERS, 4 piece indie rock band, Louis Romegoux, solo singer songwriter, Holy Vessels, rock and roll outfit, Flash Gordons, psychedelic rock 2 piece and a double drumming as yet nameless project.

Debut Derelicts single release before the end of 2013, recording sessions for Ed Prosek, Louis Romegoux, SEERS and Holy Vessels for 2014 releases, and plenty of shows to keep me busy in the mean time. I will be updating the site with new releases as they come so keep them peeled!