Thom Mills is a top UK session drummer, based in Brighton and now offering a professional online session drummer service with remote drum recording from his studio ‘RedDrum Recording Studio’ on the south coast of the UK.

As an accomplished touring musician, recording artist and online session drummer, his experience and knowledge over the last 15 years has helped to provide the creative groove and solid backbone for a wide range of artists and bands. This list most recently includes London based Punk band ‘Skinny Lister’ signed to Xtra Mile Recordings & Brighton based Post-Punk band ‘Public Body’ (Republic of Music), plus many more.

Thom’s time in the recording studio with Mechanical Bride (Transgressive Records), Holy Vessels (Republic of Music), Sunless ’97 (Abeano), Skinny Lister (Xtra Mile Recordings), Ed Prosek and Foals (Warner Bros – as a percussionist) has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience which he now brings to his own recording studio, and has secured his place as one of the UK’s best online session drummers.

RedDrum Studio Portfolio – (All drum tracks recorded in my studio)
Studio Session Drummer Portfolio (All studios)

I have worked with Thom on a couple of projects, the last being the latest Skinny Lister record. Thom is fantastic to work with and always has the heart of the song at the forefront of his approach. He also sounds amazing, I don’t think we had to work on his drum sound at all! Couldn’t recommend him more.

Simon ‘Barny’ Barnicott – Skinny Lister, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys (producer, mixer) UK

Thom is just great. Amazing drummer, lovely to work with.”

Frank Turner (artist) UK

For a more detailed biography of Thom’s work click here

Services available: Online Session Drummer – Remote live drum recordings direct to you from RedDrum Studio

Thom’s studio was designed by Simon ‘Barny’ Barnicott, at as a specialised drum recording studio, and the walls and ceilings were treated by Sound Solutions, ensuring a professional acoustically treated sound. Thom uses 10 channels of microphones, which provides you with 10 stems for your project (Microphones and channels always being updated). For more information about RedDrum Studio and Thom’s remote drumming equipment click here

The unusual events of 2020’s Lockdown meant that Thom was able to provide his services to those that couldn’t physically get to a studio but were still determined to record their songs with live drums. Remote drum recording is a wonderful opportunity to continue to create music; providing the Creative Arts opportunities to thrive in this challenging time.

Thom can offer live drum recording and live percussion recording . He is able to provide his services not only as an online session drummer in the UK, but internationally. Thom’s specialist styles are rock, pop, and punk, however he is an adept drummer with over 15 years as a professional drummer and is able to work as an online session drummer for a variety of styles of music, for more information about Thom’s musical biography click here

If you are a band, artist, singer-songwriter or producer in need of high-quality studio live drum recordings please get in contact.

Working with Thom as an online session drummer at RedDrum Studio couldn’t be easier:

1. Contact – Get in contact with Thom to discuss your project. Thom is happy to work in a range of music styles and is likely to be able to accommodate your request. Send over your music files and tempo information and discuss the music brief together.

2. Record – Thom will then track the live drums in the RedDrum Studio with open communication from you. As a remote recording drummer, Thom understands the importance of keeping you involved in this process.

3. Listen – Thom will provide you opportunities to make any revisions necessary. Once you are happy he will then send all the raw stems for you to import into your session.

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RedDrum Recording Studio’s Portfolio:

Get in touch with Thom below for more information, as one of the UK’s best online session drummers, he is happy to answer any questions you may have.


After leaving music college in the mid 00’s and turning pro I began recording and touring with Mechanical Bride (Transgressive), and sessioning between multiple bands including Sunless ‘97, Holy Vessels & Ed Prosek. In early 2010’s I joined up with Foals as percussionist and drum technician, appearing on Jools Holland & Abbey Road sessions.

As the decade continued, I started touring the world & recording with Skinny Lister (Xtra Mile), and further developed my session recording portfolio with a range of artists, and also joined upcoming buzz band Public Body. I was fortunate to build my own studio in 2020, and in just a few short years I’ve seen Red Drum Recording Studio amass an impressive résumé, working with a multitude of successful artists, producers and bands. 

Customer reviews

“Thom is just awesome. He really takes the time to understand each track and deliver something special.Thom did a fantastic job and was patient as I reworked this song on the fly. The final drum track really brought the song to life.Thom nailed it first time, really took the time to understand the track and delivered ahead of time.”

Chris B – Mako Bron (artist) Australia

Thom is a true pro, fantastic live and studio drummer plus he’s a lot of fun. Would highly recommend him for any of your drumming needs. ”

Toby Faulkner – Newton Faulkner (artist) UK

Thom is the BEST. Very easy to work with! Plan to make another songs with him!” 

Vasiliy K – Under Delusion (band) Russia

I can honestly say that Thom is one of the best musicians I’ve ever worked with. We’ve collaborated on several recording projects and his input has always been top-notch. His vast knowledge of music, coupled with his tasteful creativity, makes him my go-to guy if I’m looking for drums or percussion to really bring a project together. Also, he’s a lovely man… which helps! Highly recommended.

Derek Meins – The Agitator, Derelicts, Vex Message (artist) UK

Thom is just great. Amazing drummer, lovely to work with.”

Frank Turner – Frank Turner (artist) UK

“I have worked with Thom on a couple of projects, the last being the latest Skinny Lister record. Thom is fantastic to work with and always has the heart of the song at the forefront of his approach. He also sounds amazing, I don’t think we had to work on his drum sound at all!!! Couldn’t recommend him more.”

Simon ‘Barny’ Barnicott – Skinny Lister, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys (producer, mixer) UK

“I loved working with Thom! A real pro drummer, both in his playing and attitude. He’s a man who can effortlessly staddle genres, keeping authenticity and feel the whole time. Highly recommended!!”

Mark Roberts – Black Peaks, Delta Sleep, Toska, InTechnicolour (producer) UK

“I’ve worked on multiple sessions with Thom, and each and every time he blows my mind. He’s so easy to work with, a lovely fella and I couldn’t recommend enough!”

Tom Bjorn – (producer, engineer) UK

“Thom and I have been working together for 15 years now. He is my first port of call for recording or live work on the drums. His unique feel, coupled with an eclectic taste in music means he is capable of turning his abilities to any musical project.”

David Vine – ABVSS (artist) UK

“I’ve worked with Thom on countless projects and he is always an absolute pleasure to work with. The quality of his recording studio is excellent and live drums recorded in there sound huge.” 

Theo Verney – Egyptian Blue, Home Counties, Public Body (producer) UK

“I’ve recorded Thom on multiple sessions now and I can honestly say he’s one of the best drummers I’ve had the pleasure to work with! He has an amazing feel and always delivers. I would highly recommend.”

Tom Bishop – (producer, mixer, engineer) UK

“Thom is an outstanding and highly innovative drummer whom I have had the pleasure of recording on many occasions. He brings the highest quality performance every time, and is always able to provide a unique perspective or idea to parts that make him a dream for any producer. And as a person his professionalism and character make him a total pleasure to work with every time.”

Charlie McClean – (producer) Germany

“Thom provided drums for an upcoming single release of mine, he was a joy to work with and his playing really took the track to the next level, I highly recommend!”

Alfie Firmin – (artist) UK

“Thom provided recorded remote live drums for a track we’ve been working on over the last week, his performance was bullet proof and the recording quality was frankly incredible. Will be regularly using his services in the future. Highly recommended.”

Sam Brace – Skinny Lister (artist) UK

Online session drummer videos

To see how he works in the studio on a weekly basis, head on over to Thom’s YouTube channel, where he uploads weekly videos focusing on famous songs, and delivering a full drum cover and accompanying drum lesson to each track. It’s a great place to go get a feel of the RedDrum studio and the kind of drum sounds you can expect. Thom covers a huge variety of genres and this demonstrates how he absorbs all these different styles into his own playing, so that when it comes down to recording your custom live drum tracks he is well equipped to delivery exactly what you want. 

Thom can also offer the service of filming your session in the RedDrum Studio for no additional cost so that you may truly have something special to take away when using his services.

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