Tuning Diary – Day 5

Day 5.

Gigged my kit last night for the first time since giving it a tune, and on the whole it sounded pants. Kick was ok, but the toms sounded a bit high pitched, choked and ringy. I feel little (actually very) deflated by this outing, but I still am learning to tune, and have as yet not tried to tune the drum kit as a whole.

Tuned up my second snare, as I dropped my starclassic on the tube the other night and it bend the strainer on the side, bugger. Got my yamaha sounding ok, bit of snare buzz, but ok. Gonna detune my toms tonight and hopefully they will sound better, think they were just pitched too high, luckily just a function tonight so doesn’t matter too much if they sound cack again.

Also think I’m gonna do weekly updates now, and summarise my findings from that week, so, sorry if you are annoyed with all this tuning malarky talk, till next week, take care of your eyes and ears.

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