Learn to play the drums: the perfect Christmas gift!

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s that time to be thinking about gifts for your loved ones. You might want to learn the drums yourself, or your partner or friend has been banging on about it for ages! If this is the case look no further, and have a watch of a sample lesson below aimed at the complete beginner:

I provide drum lesson in Brighton & Hove and all the surrounding areas in Sussex. You can come to my drum studio in Portslade or if you have a drum setup at home I can come to you. Get in touch for special xmas drum vouchers, and lets get you booked in to learn the drums in 2019, or even sooner!

Diddle-Paradiddle Rudiment

Been experimenting in my new drum studio-shed with a few favourite rudiments.
The Paradiddle-diddle is a great rudiment and here I have switched the 2nd diddle to the beginning of the rudiment, so the sticking is then led with the left hand. LLRLRR Instead of RLRRLL. Put between the hats and the snare drum its quite a tasty groove.
Also was an experiment with recording the drums through addictive drums and layering over the video, which I think works well!