Drum Lessons – Teaching Style

My main goal during drum lessons is to make sure my students are relaxed and comfortable in a creative environment, so that learning the drums is what it should be; fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

I use a wide range of professional drumming experience and teaching resources to create an individual path of learning that is specialised to you, enabling you to achieve your own specific goals within the drum lessons and beyond. These resources are from a broad range of internationally recognised educational books, syllabuses, techniques, programs and grades. Also, for those that aren’t driven by a particularly aim in mind I provide all the grounding and teaching expertise to help them grow and learn as a drummer and a musician.

Whether you are starting out with the drums looking for beginner drum lessons, simply want some fun thrashing about on a real acoustic drum kit (there is nothing like the thrill of banging the drums!), or whether you want to hone in a particular skill, I’m confident that I can tailor my drum lessons to suit your needs.

My drum lessons draw from my extensive experience as a professional recording, touring and working session drummer in the music industry, having travelled all over the world playing drums. My lessons can focus on gaining a solid technique, understanding the drums, groove playing, song based learning, becoming a working drummer and achieving your individual drumming based goals.

“Thom was a drum student of mine from throughout his years on the Higher Diploma and BA(Hons) course at BIMM. Throughout this time I found him to be an excellent student, both in terms of his attendance and punctuality, but also his work ethic to improve his drumming ability. The recent performances I’ve seen have proved to me the hard work has paid off – he’s playing great!”

Adam Bushell (Head of Drums at BIMM, now CEO & Drum Tutor at Water Bear music college)

Drum Teaching Experience

I studied at BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music) and received a 2:1 degree in professional musicianship, drums in 2006. I was taught by Adam Bushell, (Sheryl Crowe, Faithless, Rhythm magazine tutor), Russell Gilbrook (Van Morrison, Tommi Iomy, Uriah Heep), and Vinny Lammy (Spice Girls, Mel C).

Currently I am undertaking my drum studying with Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, The 1975) a phenomenal player, and even greater drum teacher. I recognise that as soon as you think there is no room for improvement on your instrument you have become stale, there is always more to learn.

After I left music college I set up my own private drum lesson teaching business whilst gaining experience teaching at primary (Ashdown Primary School, Shoreham Beach Primary) and secondary schools (The Littlehampton Academy) and also at SAM (Sussex Academy of Music).

I have experience teaching all ages and abilities and have taught children from age 5 to adults over 70. This informs how I tailor my lessons, and so I always make sure the student’s direct specific needs are addressed and taken into account in every drum lesson.

Running alongside this I have been a working professional, touring, session and recording drummer, for more info on my music industry background and experience take a look at my biography.

Drum Lessons – The 3 Options

One on One drum lessons

These take place on acoustic drums at my home drum recording studio ‘RedDrum Recording Studio’ located in Portslade, Brighton. I am fully DBS checked, and these lessons operate whilst adhering to government guidelines of social distancing and wearing a mask.

Mobile Drum Lessons

In this method I bring the drum lesson to you, and enables you to feel completely relaxed and focus on improving your playing on your own drum setup at home. Again, I am fully DBS checked, and these lessons operate whilst adhering to government guidelines of social distancing and wearing a mask.

Online video drum lessons

Via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, these online video style drum lessons make it possible to receive and improve your drumming from anywhere in the world!

Within my online drum lessons I am able to draw directly from my drumming Youtube channel Thom Mills Drums where I focus on a song each week, delivering a play through that the student can play along to and an accompanying drum lesson video of the song so that the student can refer back to at any future time.

Some of the key things I offer with my drum lessons:

  • All abilities welcome; Beginners, Intermediate, pro level and beyond!
  • Zoom, Skype, FaceTime online video drum lessons
  • Mobile drum lessons, will travel to you at home.
  • 1 on 1 drum lessons at Thom’s ‘RedDrum Recording Studio’.
  • Bespoke lessons tailored to your goals
  • Relaxed, fun, friendly and enjoyable drum lessons
  • Flexible lesson time slots
  • 100% Trinity College London Grades pass rate.
  • Song learning, session styles, players and how to recreate the songs live.
  • Technique development and usage
  • Metronome training
  • Groove studies
  • Music Industry advice
  • Rudiment learning
  • Drum Grades & gearing up for grade exams
  • Drum Tuning, getting you to sound great
  • Drum recording advice and techniques
  • How to make a career out of drumming and self promotion advise
  • Posture, drum setup and maximising potential
  • Plus anything else drum related you need help with
  • DBS Checked

All drum lessons are individually tailored to the student and aimed at helping take you to the next level. Get in touch below for more info or to book a drum lesson in today!

Drum Lesson Reviews

“Thom is an excellent teacher. He has been tutoring my ten year old son on the drums for a few months and in that time has built a great rapport with him, inspired him and helped him develop some great skills. My son really looks forward to and enjoys his lessons and he always has something new to show me afterwards. Thom is also reliable and punctual.”

Jasmine Lewis 

“I’m a complete beginner and don’t own a drum kit, the lesson was very easy to follow in both lessons we spent time thinkining about practicing at home without kit which is actually very doable. If you get the chance to see the band Thom drums for, Skinny Lister, don’t pass it up, they are brilliant.”

Nick Clark

“Thom currently teaching my 2 sons who are progressing well and really enjoying their lessons. He is great with them, very patient and clearly excellent at what he does. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Kelly Freestone

“I had my first lesson with Thom the other day, and it was great fun! Thom is patient and calm and made me feel very relaxed. He took me through all the important stating points and help me start improving my technique. By the end of the lesson I could really see how much I had learnt- and he even gave me homework so I can continue to practice at home! If you want a teacher who is enthusiastic, kind and able to engage with drummers at all levels… Thom is your guy. 10/10/”

Phoebe Bunting

“Thom is an excellent teacher! He taught my son from the age of 7 and he progressed beautifully, enjoying every lesson. He still plays now even as a teenager – Thom did a great job instilling a love of drumming! He is also a thoroughly lovely guy and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Chloe Dobson

“Thom was a great teacher for my 7 year old son getting started with drumming. He had him playing his favourite Prodigy track in his first 1 hour lesson! 6 years on he’s now doing his grade 6. Thom has a relaxed and friendly style and is a great teacher.”

David Donald

“Thom is a great teacher, explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand. A lot of fun and a great person too”

Mark Robbins

“Thom has been teaching my son Jake the drums for 3 years. Having had several different teachers in the past, Thom is the one we have stuck with. Jake says “Thom puts him at ease and makes the lessons enjoyable whilst still challenging him. He is also a touring drummer so has lots of experience not only playing the drums, but also the things that come with that.” Hes a nice guy and we both thoroughly recommend him.”

Esther Fair

“I have worked with Thom Mills over the past 20 years in various projects and had personal lessons from him at various stages of my life. His musical sensibility is nothing short of rhythmical genius and his mastery of his craft leaves my jaw on the floor every time. He is committed, talented and passionate. Three things that real musicians of this age lack constantly. His sympathetic attitude for all levels of musical ability allows him to connect with any student of any skill level. It’s been a true joy and pleasure working with him and knowing him. I’ll continue to watch his career thrive throughout the ages as I have done so for the last two decades!”

Christian Barnes

“Brilliant lessons, would definitely recommend Thom to anyone, he is a great teacher!”

Stella Pickle

“I wanted professional tuition in drumming, and Thom certainly has my work cut out for me.Theory and practice go hand in hand ,with a good steady beat;and Thom will certainly point it out if you’ve missed one.”

Colin Pomeroy

“Great teacher! Friendly, thoughtful, relaxed and professional. My son had his first lessons with Thom in childhood and carried on learning with him through skype after we moved to France. Ged is now in his teens and still happily playing music. Though he moved on to playing the bass guitare, the technical foundations and pleasure of playing, he got from Thom’s few years of teachings are proving invaluable. Highly recommended!”

Eva Daurios

“Thom is an excellent tutor and taught my son from the very beginning. Could not recommend higher.”

Martin Sayers

“Thom is a great teacher and very patient with me – which was needed!”

Joanna Conway

“Very good teacher and lessons!”

Yuyue Chen

“Our 11 year old son recently started learning drums with Thom Mills. We are so impressed with Thom’s dedication and expertise that I wanted to send this feedback. Thom’s lessons are stimulating and fun whilst still including the essentials such as the reading of drum/ percussion music and attention to correct technique.
Thom has been gaining our son’s interest by focusing on music styles relevant to his age group and from there is moving on to other styles.
Thom is happy to travel to our home for the lesson which is a huge bonus for a busy family! This way, we are easily able to exchange feedback with Thom re. progress. I could not recommend Thom more highly!!”

Debbie Grant

“All lessons are conveniently at home at times to suit us. The teacher is always punctual, and lessons are fun, absorbing and well planned. The teacher is also very flexible in terms of new songs we ask to learn. All round 11/10 !”

Katy Sayers

“As an adult student wanting to learn how to play the drums properly, Thom was a great help. After only a few lessons I had a better understanding of proper playing technique, some of the technical drumming terms and styles.
Thom also encouraged and constantly praised me for my ability and timing/rhythm. I would highly recommend Thom to anybody who wants to start playing and enjoying the drum kit no matter how old they are.
Thom always travelled to my house and always had loads of drumming books/material with him, he is a great tutor and talented drummer. I was very lucky to learn from someone with his expertise.”

Simon Marsh