REMOTE DRUM RECORDING – At RedDrum Recording Studio

Thom has over 15 years working as a professional session drummer, touring and recording artist; having toured extensively throughout the world and recorded in top recording studios, such as Rockfield, Abbey Road and Metropolis. He is now utilising his experience to operate as an online session drummer from his own professional studio, RedDrum Recording Studio, & offering live drum recording which can be sent to you wherever you are in the world.

What is remote live drum recording?

Remote drum recording is the process of recording live multi-track drum recordings in Thom’s own professional live drum recording studio, RedDrum Studio, and being able to send them directly to anywhere in the world over the internet. Remote drum recording is a fantastic solution for those who do not have the time, budget or effort to obtain high quality drum tracks in a physical recording studio, but at the same time need a professional session drummer to work on and create top level live drum tracks for their songs. By using Thom’s services as an online session drummer you will be getting precisely this, and for an affordable price, you have live multi-track drum recordings on your music within days of making contact with him.

Why remote live drum recording?

Time efficient:

If you are a band, artist, singer-songwriter or producer in need of high-quality studio live drum recordings then remote drum recording is an efficient way of getting what you are looking for. Send your music via the internet, Thom will record your live drum tracks, and send your files back within 2 days. He is able to make any amendments you need, and once you are happy he will send you the raw stems for you to input straight into your music project.

Cost effective:

Save your self hundreds of pounds/dollars on hiring studios, engineers and producers, without compromising on your live drum recording quality by using Thom to provide your live drum tracks. All you have to do is send your track (with or without a drum demo) , and with communication from you he will create your custom live drum recording that is bespoke for you, and if necessary he will make amendments to the project until you are completely satisfied.

3 simple steps:

1. Contact

Get in contact with Thom to discuss your project through your preferred method of communication be it email, phone or video conferencing. You will then have a discussion about the live drum recording tracks on your planned project, agree on a price and what services you require and a timeframe, and then simply send your music to Thom to get started. Simply send over your music files and any tempo information about your required drum recording, and your music brief with Thom.

2. Record

Thom will then get to work on creating your live drum tracks in RedDrum Studio. He will provide you with a listening version of the track or song within 2-4 days. Once you have listened through you can give feedback on the live drum tracks and provide input for any amendments that may need to me made. Thom will then do a revision based on your input, and through open communication with you will repeat the drum recording process until you are completely satisfied.

3. Listen

Thom will provide you opportunities to make any revisions necessary. Once you are happy he will then send all the raw stems for you to import into your session. You will be able to drag and drop these files straight into your project at home and onto your music software; Digital Audio Workstation, Logic, Pro Tools Ableton etc

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RedDrum Recording Studio’s Portfolio:

Remote drum recording at RedDrum Studio

The set up:

Thom’s gear list includes C&C custom drum kit, (22″, 12″, 16″) Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 snare drum, Ludwig Copper Phonic snare, C&C custom wood snare, and Sabian Artisan range cymbals. He uses Audix, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic & Shure microphones, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 & Octopre interfaces, and a wide range of percussion instruments, including Roto Toms, to achieve high quality live drum recording. (See the full list of gear below)


C&C CUSTOM MAPLE DRUMS – 14×22, 16×14, 8×12



























Thom can use any combination of drums and microphones that he has in order to get the right sound for your song at a very competitive price-point.

The sound:

Specialising in Rock, Punk, Indie, Electronic, Alt-Rock, & sounding like Jon Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Ginger Baker, Dave Grohl and Ilan Rubin. Thom always strives to make your drum recording the very best it can be, and delivering live drum tracks to your personal projects taste and sound. For more information about Thom’s musical biography click here.

The price:

In the past hiring a professional session drummer, a decent studio, and an engineer and producer to be able to record live drums on your songs cost a small fortune. All these costs easily add up and make it almost impossible for an artist, band, songwriter or producer to even think about adding live drums to their project. Using Thom as an online session drummer, and using RedDrum Studio to create live drum recordings, ensures that this

Thom’s prices start at £90 per track, this price is depending on the track, project and whether any additional services are required. He does offer discounts on multi tracks, and for laying down additional percussion on tracks that he may have already recorded drums on. Please get in touch for a more individual and personalised quote for your project, you can contact Thom here.

Here are a selection of options and how much you might expect to pay for your personalised multi-track live drum tracks.


This is the most popular option, and includes an unlimited amount of revisions, until you are completely happy with the results. Thom will then send 9 individual raw stems unmixed direct to your inbox 


If your project just needs that sprinkling of magic on the top and a session percussionist is what you need this option is perfect. Selecting from a wide range of percussion instruments, this can really make a track come alive. These again will be sent as raw stems, and Thom also offers an unlimited amount of revision or until you are completely happy with the results.


If Thom has already provided live drums on a track, then he is able to offer a discount on any live percussion tracks over the top. He has a wide range of percussion instruments, and is able to select what is just right for your song. These will also then be delivered as raw stems directly to you.

  • All custom live drum & percussion tracks are 100% royalty-free. 
  • Only pay the full amount once you’re completely happy.
  • PayPal/ bank transfer accepted.
  • Payment instalments available for larger projects.
  • EP & album and multiple track discounts available.
  • Prices to suit all budgets, and price matching option available too.

Once your custom live drum or percussion tracks have been delivered they are completely royalty free, so when you have paid the session fee Thom will send the stems and they are solely yours and you don’t have to worry about royalty splits. 

If you are planning a large project then being able to split the costs into smaller instalments might be a smart way to move forward. Thom offers discounts for large projects so do please get in contact to discuss your project and to get a personalised quote.

Once a fee is agreed you will receive an invoice with Thom’s PayPal/ payment details, this is payable after completion of the project or track agreed.

Thom offers discounts for multiple tracks, so if you are recording an album, EP or similar project and concerned about the price for the live drum recording, please get in touch to discuss this.

If you have any more questions or queries regarding payments or getting a bespoke quote please do not hesitate to get in touch; drop Thom an email or simply fill out the form below.

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FAQs about RedDrum Recording Studio

“How much do you charge per track?”

Thom’s prices start at £100 per track, this price is depending on the track, project and whether any additional services are required. He does offer discounts on multi tracks, and for laying down percussion on tracks that he may have already recorded drums on. Please get in touch for a more individual and personalised quote for your project, you can contact Thom here.

“How long does it take to record a track and get the files sent back?”

Once Thom has received your song, track or project and any information regarding the session he usually starts within 2 days. He likes to take at least 2 days over each track so that a high level of care and quality goes into each project. Thom never likes to rush something through that he’s not happy with, and will always provide the very best drum track that suits the song. He will then send back the track for your consideration right away, and if necessary will provide as many revisions and amendments until you get exactly what you want.

“Do you offer any discounts?”

Yes, Thom offer a multi track discount when you book in 3 or more live drum tracks at a time. He also offer a discounted rate on laying percussion over the top of tracks he has already put live drums down on. Please get in touch for more information on these deals, and to get a personalised quote for your project.

“How many revisions of a live drum track do you offer?”

Thom offers an unlimited amount of revisions, until you get exactly the right drum track you desire. Usually this in the first 2 or 3 revisions, but in the unlikely event that it will take more than this, Thom is willing to make amendments until you get the desired live drum track. As one of the UK’s best online session drummers, Thom is confident that you will have a finished song that you are very happy with.

“Can we have a video or telephone call to discuss a project / track?”

Yes absolutely, it is possible to have a video conversation on Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or whatever format works for you. This can be really beneficial sometimes and creates a solid foundation for your project. Get in touch for more info on this.

“Are you able to video the recording session?”

Yes it is possible to record the remote drum recording, and you can see some examples of videos filmed in the studio via Thom’s YouTube channel. This can be a great way to add some quality content to your social media platform and document your recording process. Thom has some quality cameras and lighting and so can achieve professional results.

“Can I hear some recording examples of individual stems / tracks?”

Thom has of examples of fully finished songs, raw stems and mixed stems that he could prepare and send over via email at your request. This helps with know exactly what kind of sound and quality to expect from the finished live drum tracks. He also has access to an experienced database of mixers and producers should you need the drums mixed to a high professional standard.

You can also view RedDrum Recording Studio’s Portfolio here.

“How should I send you my songs?”

You can send Thom your songs in the method that suits you, however, for convenience, Google Drive is his preferred method. Dropbox, WeTransfer also work well for large files, Thom is and happy to help advise in the process if needed.

“How many microphones do you use?”

Thom has the ability to record 14 live tracks of drums in the studio; generally he uses 9 channels in the room and this works great for most genres and projects. If you would like to add specific channels or try any ideas out do let Thom know in your initial chats, as he is willing to be accommodating. For a full list of the studio spec, his mic and studio list see above.