Free Drum Recording Sessions

For a limited / foreseeable future, I am offering my services of recording drums for your project, band or solo act, single, album, ep…etc…

If you are a musician, band leader, producer, management or whatever you maybe, and have current project in need of live drums, no matter the genre I can help you out and I am not asking for any payment (although I would ask for my expenses to be covered, but thats not much to ask right? Hopefully!).

I have plenty of studio and session experience having recorded on over 30 records in my 20 year span as a professional drummer, for a wide range of musical styles, time constraints and studio situations. The reason for this offer is to purely widen my session portfolio to date and to increase my experience even further. You can check out my work here:

So if you are interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. You can ¬†catch me on:

Mobile: 07812750205 (UK) or