Introducing: The Thom Mills Drums YouTube channel!

I have launched myself into the world of YouTube, and it’s a wonderful and mystery place! Full of so much great advice and information, I wanted to add my spin on all things drums, as even though its a treasure trove of info, sometimes just sometimes it ISN”T!

My drumming channel is full of great content, I focus on the complete beginner drummer, I have a whole course of beginner drum lessons to take you from never having picked up a pair of sticks, to playing a sweet groove and drum fills with no problems!

I also feature behind the scenes stuff from on tour with my band Skinny Lister, live footage of the shows, and individual songs, so you can learn how to play along.

There is tonnes of other stuff, drum covers of your favourite songs and their accompanying drum lessons, cool licks from my heroes on the drums, weird grooves I like and loads more stuff, so go check it out now, and remember please subscribe, comment, like, share, it all helps me out massively, and I will be uploading new videos weekly, so helps you stay tuned in and up to date!


To whet your whistle here are a selection of my best videos to date! enjoy!